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  1. A.Pendlebury

    PC Spec and Build Assistance

    Hello All I've joined these forums hunting down some help from those better educated than me when it comes to all things PC. Of recent I've been following everything next gen when it comes to gaming as I'm sure many of us have. To the point I nearly ordered myself a Series X till I realised a...
  2. MrHamid

    New PC

    Hi, I am totally new to building a PC, never done it before. Can someone help me spec a PC just do some lite photo/video editing just for home use. I have a monitor.
  3. NeoWave

    Retro gaming live streams

    No idea where to post this so mods, feel free to boot it someplace else or send it to silicon heaven. I've decided to stream some games, currently from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum era. I'm very green, but if anyone is interested and want to check them out you can view my first attempt last week...
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