1. adissonz

    Local Web Hosting or Go Cloud - Windows or Linux

    Hi all, I want to start a new project and have to choose between hosting the website in my homelab or going to the cloud. Regarding to the cloud, I have had a few suggestions: hetzner.com, vultr.com, 0ping.eu and contabo.com What do you think? Is there any big advantage in going to the cloud...
  2. himaro

    WD Red \ Purple vs Seagate IronWolf \ SkyHawk. Raid, NAS, HomeLab, CCTV

    So, I'm building a home server to replace my ageing Proliant microserver G7. It's going to have it's work cut out for it, as it's going to be doing the following NAS CCTV (BlueIris) PLEX HomeLab Docker Kubernetes Jenkins Whatever I need it to be! I'm thinking of getting a dedicated raid...
  3. BongoHunter

    Home lab case options

    Hi I've got quite a few machines now, mainly midi towers and some sff / htpc stuff. I also have a rackmount switch, router and firewall. I'd like to convert it all to short depth rack mount kit and then use 2 short server racks (15u to 18u?) to support a tabletop / desktop spanning the racks -...
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