1. snips86x

    Living alone: What's the worst part of cleaning your home?

    Now I live on my own, my GF is 100 miles away and I don't mind cleaning. I will happily dust, clean windows, laundry and do dishes, but the worst thing about cleaning is doing the shower. I absolutely hate cleaning the drain filter on the shower, it's absolutely disgusting. No matter how long i...
  2. @ndr3w

    How to save for a home deposit quicker, when spending so much on rent and bills? (1 Post)

    Hi there, I finished university 3 years ago, now working, and moved into an overpriced houseshare in SE London. The landlord doesn't care about fixing anything on time, or sorting out the damp etc etc. I would love to own my own place, but it feels like I'm in a constant spinning wheel - I...
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