1. simmotech

    Connecting existing house Ethernet cabling

    I’ve just moved into a new house (new to me, it’s about 11 years old) and noticed that each room has a network faceplate (RJ45). Nice surprise! I then noticed 7 unterminated Cat 5e cables next to the distribution panel in the garage. Here’s what I plan to do. Could you please tell me whether I...
  2. Cadder

    Moving the phone line?

    We don't like where the phone line terminates. It's ugly and silly. We disguised it for a few years with some low profile trunking/conduit but now we're redecorating and it's a problem again. My office is directly above the lounge. I'd like to relocate the socket there. I know nothing about...
  3. Delvis

    Mortgage advice - first time buyer

    Hi all, So, me and the wife need to start thinking about purchasing a house, which brings up mortgages. I haven't the foggiest about them, so obviously ANY advice here or help is appreciated. Naturally I know the basics, a high deposit helps matters, not to have too much debt, but beyond...
  4. Guest2

    GDPR madness

    I am in the process of purchasing a house and due to new GDPR laws, I have to show 3 months accounts history for the person I am receiving a gift from. To me (and person gifting money) this seems very invasive and the complete opposite of data protection laws. 3 months of bank statement will...
  5. rangor gubbins

    Air Source Heat Pump

    About to start a house refurb including putting in underfloor heating throughout. Our heating is currently provided by an old Worcester Bosch boiler running off an LPG tank sat in the drive. Its pretty expensive to run, the tank looks horrible, and is in a stupid location. So we are planning to...
  6. Emily Hancock

    Furniture Target Market Questionnaire

    Hi all! I was hoping for your participation on the following survey: I am a Product Designer who is looking to start a Furniture design company and gaining Target Market feedback is so important to me. Thanks! Emily
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