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  1. soup23

    Need advice for upgrading pre-built desktop (HP OMEN 870-65na)

    Hello there. I’m kind of new into the world of PC upgrading and wondered if I could get any advice. I currently have an HP Omen 870-165na, which I have used for 4 or so years now. I would like to possibly upgrade it, without changing the case itself (want to likely get all pre-built parts...
  2. formula1992

    Radeon 5700 cover up?

    Hi guys. Around a week ago i received my first gaming PC after making the switch from Xbox. I am happy with the PC,s performance for the time being but i am looking to change a couple of things my main question is are you able to buy some kind of cosmetic plate that covers the PCB on the Radeon...
  3. Jamie Kyle

    New to PC Gaming - best PC for Sim Racing?

    Hi guys, I am about to make a move from console to PC and will be going for a triple screen setup for Sim Racing. Which of the following PC’s would you recommend I went for ? Is there enough of a jump to the RTX2080 to be worth the cost? I’m also getting a quote from Overclockers about a...
  4. Robbie_G


    Hi, We have officially launched our Black Friday sale so I have selected a few deals below from my groups but please make sure to check out the whole section for more deals. All pricing will not change through the whole period on products in the Laptops, Cooling, Water Cooling, Streaming and...
  5. snappyfish

    HP Omen Model number HP-AN011NA (Right click menu)

    Hi, Just purchased this laptop, on the desktop in W10 the right click menu brings the blue circle loading icon and takes over a minute for the right click menu appear, sometimes it won't appear? This a W10 issues or driver?
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