1. Almuric

    Back in the Game

    Hi Everyone After many years of not building PCs I have chosen maybe the most difficult time possible to put together my dream HTPC/gaming machine. Aiming for quiet while streaming but 4K noisy gaming when I get the time to play. Wish me Luck!
  2. ----

    Weird AIO Configuration for an HTPC Case Help

    Hey, just made an account because you guys usually answer every question I have. I'm building a low profile build that would benefit greatly from watercooling rather than a SFF fan. Sticking point is that the only feasible way to fit a 240mm radiator would be to mount it horizontally on the side...
  3. slim01

    Pci-e riser cables (280mm aio in HTPC node 605)

    Hey guys. What are your opinions on pcie riser cables? -anyone had performance/compatibility issues? -I have pcie4.0 mobo (x570-p) and will at some point get 4.0 nvme, can I disable pci-e 4.0 for the gpu slot ONLY? -any brands to avoid? Or are the cheap £15 ones ok? -are pcie gen 4.0 ones...
  4. Duke

    Project HP Microserver replacement

    I've had a HP Microserver Gen7 which I bought used about 5 years ago and its served me well. I had Windows 10 on it and served as a media store, backups and for hosting Plex. I have been wanting to replace it for a while now for a few reasons: - The age of the machine itself, its low power but...
  5. Oblivion007

    HTPC Build

    Looking for some members thoughts on the below. I'll be upgrading my main rig when Zen2 comes out and have decided to re-use some of the parts in existing build to make a gaming HTPC. I would be aiming for a 1080p build which can play some casual games on my 4k TV in the living room, saving AAA...
  6. Nanobot

    1050 or 1050TI

    Not for any gaming whatsoever but I'm looking to get a budget GPU for a HTPC as I think the old GT610 is bottlenecking the i5-2500S and DVB-T2 is pixelating. It seems fine if there aren't too many HD instances on the go and signal strength and levels are good so I'm thinking it's the GT610. I...
  7. Hercules Smith

    Opinions invited on HTPC build

    Hi All This is where I've got to so far. What could be done better? Am I missing anything? The PC will be for music and videos (up to 4K). Ryzen 5 2400G - I think the G means it has a Wraith fan on there MSI B450M Mortar Micro ATX mobo 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance 3000 Seagate Barracuda 500GB...
  8. kamm

    New HTPC - How does this spec look?

    Hi all, It's several years since I last built a PC, now I'm ready for a new HTPC. I found this spec which suits my budget. How does it look? Anything I should change? I'm planning on running Ubuntu on it and will mainly use it with Kodi and some catch-up TV through a browser and Spotify -...
  9. MiSJAH

    SFF HTPC - Cheapest possible?

    Hi All, I want to buy/build a small form factor pc to play 4k content on my TV. Storage will be network attached. What's the most effective, low cost way of doing this? Cheers.
  10. Charlie Hanson


    Meet Alfred. He will be an HTPC with some gentle Home Server responsibilities. This thread is picture heavy. I'm no photographer, so what I lack in quality I make up with quantity. It's made out of 18mm pine furniture board, and fronted with speaker cloth. Thanks to the winter weather and...
  11. alitech

    Slimmest HTPC build log with HDMI 2.0a 4k 60hz DTS HD MA & True HD

    Hey guys This is the start of my project and it might take a couple of months to build as I will start sourcing all the different components. This thread is first and foremost to get some help and advice and then putting the build together. I have been doing some research and I wanted to run...
  12. junelucky

    Realan I5-4200U/E-I7 mini ITX case builds

    A few weeks ago I ordered the I5-4200U and E-I7 cases from Shenzhen Realan, the manufacturer that makes the Habey EMC-800/600 that I've seen a lot of folks use here for HTPC builds. One of the complaints about the EMC-800/600 is that they don't have enough ventilation and none on the top. The...
  13. slim01

    How to cool a HTPC to prevent overheating???

    Hey guys, Just looking for some cooling suggestions as had my gaming HTPC overheat recently, which hasn't been a noticeable issue until Fallout 4, in which it shuts down after running my temps up to... -91c CPU -80c mainboard(!!) -51c HDD and 86c on the GTX 970...
  14. smithy83

    HTPC Upgrade - delete please

    ops wrong section
  15. mcrvr3

    APU 7860K Need some help to build this

    Hey friends, I'm building an HTPC with the following components: AMD A10 7860K FM2+ "Godavari" CPU (Quad Core, 3.6 GHz, AMD Radeon R7 757 MHz, 65 W) Main use for a 43" Plasma with lots of BD...
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