i9-7920x delidding

  1. Connor@Overclockers

    Intel’s X-Series Processors Explained - by Mike Jennings

    You know Intel is serious when it releases X-branded processors. Intel saves this designation for its beefiest chips, and some new parts have hit the market with a thud. These new chips used turbo-charged versions of Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake architectures to deliver fearsome levels of...
  2. Hogie

    Core i9-7920X Delidding

    Im thinking of buying a i9-7920X and Rampage VI Extreme i hear 85% of 7920X reach 4.5ghz but without delidding the temps would close to 80c i would be happy with a 12 core monster at 4.5ghz but not those temps with delidding it could go down to 70c to 71c i see their are binned and delidded...
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