intel core i9

  1. Robbie_G


    Hi, We had the Nvida RTX graphics cards launch a few months back with great success so it was only a matter of time for Laptops to catch up. You can now game with the latest graphics card from Nvidia on the go with these portable gaming machines. The RTX cards offer a performance boost compared...
  2. Just_Jack1990

    I7 9700k or I9 9900k

    Morning all, The unfortunate time has finally come to update my computer internals, it's fought one hell of a battle for the last 4 years, overcoming the demands of modern games, but finally, my processor loads seem to be so high I'm loosing the will to live with it, RIP i5 4690k! So anyway...
  3. Connor@Overclockers

    Intel’s X-Series Processors Explained - by Mike Jennings

    You know Intel is serious when it releases X-branded processors. Intel saves this designation for its beefiest chips, and some new parts have hit the market with a thud. These new chips used turbo-charged versions of Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake architectures to deliver fearsome levels of...
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