1. Quartz

    MalwareBytes says everyone is afraid of the Internet I think most people on this forum are sufficiently savvy to fall outside the report's findings, but it's still alarming...
  2. tomciti

    Community Fibre - throttling / limiting TCP connections?

    Hi I got "Community Fibre" FTTP 150Mbps download, 150Mbps upload package 2 weeks ago and I'm currently testing it. Community Fibre state they throttle or limit connections in any way but it seems to me they do. I got Linksys Velop router and ADTRAN 621i XGS-PON ONT modem from them. The problem...
  3. Joel Barrott

    Help with mobile hotspot and WiFi router

    Hi all, I did used to post on this thread a few years ago when I started building computers as a beginner Somehow managed to lose that account so starting new here unfortunately back in august 2021 my mum was murdered by my dad and this left me in understandable trauma. Anyway I’m recovering...
  4. Lee James

    How do I get a tablet WITHOUT internet or mobile?

    I don't use wireless devices, and don't own a cellphone. But I was wondering if it's possible to get a PDA/tablet that CAN'T connect to WiFi or a mobile network? (In other words, without a modem or radio transmitter.) I'd just like a tablet I can use to view photos/videos, or maybe even read...
  5. Charlie Dawkins

    New PreBuilt PC from OCUK stuck on 100mbps when internet is 350

    Hello guys, i just bought a new pc from OCUK, it has a 3700x, 3060, and a msi b450 tomahawk max ii, now iv updated all drivers since having it, only had it since wednesday, and just got a cat6 cable, which plugs straight into port 1 on my virgin router, i pay for 350mb, but speed tests on this...
  6. TheZohan80

    Problems with bridgemode

    Hey Guys I have a zyxel router through my IP that I want to keep as a Modem and then set my Netgear Router in the livingroom as an AP. In the bedorom where my zyxel router is, I had a technician put up a network box in the wall that leads up and through the attic and then down to my office...
  7. MrMarvelous

    Vodafone Vox 3 Router (THG3000)

    Hi guys, anyone here on Vodafone and have one of these routers? I've had this one delivered today as an 'upgrade' from my older Huawei HHG2500 but already I seem to be having issues with it. I can only change the WiFi details/passwords through the phone app - why? When trying a firmware...
  8. EGuitarStar

    BT/EE Full Fibre to the Home Services

    Is anyone here using any of the Full Fibre 100 (BT) or Fibre Max (EE) Internet services? - This is where you actually get a fibre cable installed to your home rather than via a copper cable over a phone line. If you are could you please let...
  9. JayLanx

    3 4G router. From TPlink Mr600 to Huawei B818. Wow!! But network setup help needed!NAT/PortForward

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone could help me. For the last 18/24 months we've had full time 4g broadband on three using a TPlink Mr600 router. We have very good signal where we are and luckily enjoyed 30/40MBPS down for a long time. Its also rock steady with (for my uses) low ping (35-55ms)...
  10. Tommy23

    Coax cable causes confusion

    ;)This is hard to explain as I’m a layman in an IT world... but here goes. I have a coax cable running between a garden out-house and main house. It’s currently not terminated either end. I want to run internet from main house to garden house 30m away using this cable. but, how can I get...
  11. Fnuyens

    Internet loss/slowing down

    Hi Everyone, I bought a computer about a year ago and everything was fine for most of the time. However, it's been a few months that I have quite a lot of issues with my Internet connexion. While I'm supposed to have 160mbps, I have drop at 60 and sometimes even 30mbps. This mostly affects the...
  12. Cadder

    Moving the phone line?

    We don't like where the phone line terminates. It's ugly and silly. We disguised it for a few years with some low profile trunking/conduit but now we're redecorating and it's a problem again. My office is directly above the lounge. I'd like to relocate the socket there. I know nothing about...
  13. Sir Stallion

    Slow upload

    I just solved my GPU issues and now I have a slow upload problem. All devices in my household seem to be receiving around 20mbps upload but my new build seems to only reach between 1-4Mb upload. Any ideas guys, this is wired in to the router but even on wireless it’s the same. Speed test on...
  14. Narada

    Business FTTP choice in residential property

    I live in a flat in a development. I'm currently with plusnet (FTTC) who have been fine but do not seem to offer anything beyond around 55Mbps. FTTP was recently introduced here. I'm told by the development that there are two providers - BT and Zen (not sure why there are only two?). I've looked...
  15. Talasour

    Powerline LAN adapter issues

    Hi - I recently moved into my first home and bought two pairs of TP-Link Powerline adapters so my and my girlfriend can work from home but found out tonight that one set will work fine but when plugging in the second the first PC will suddenly loose connection. We've tried plugging them...
  16. Quartz

    So, fibre cable laid to door, what happens next?

    Last Friday CityFibre laid their cable to outside the door of my block of flats. What happens next? I'm assuming I will get a letter at some point asking me to pay squillions for gigabit internet, but how long will it be?
  17. Timdr

    Howe to limit access through proxy IP

    I have a laptop which I installed a filter on. The filter only works for URL's, not for IP address'. If I put in an IP address, it won't connect. I want to use a proxy IP for accessing Facebook. I can exclude this IP address from the filter, but then any traffic coming through the proxy is...
  18. benparker

    4G Routers

    So after moving properties and having to pay a heft cancellation fee to Hyperoptic (landlord issues) I've decided against to try a 4G sim and router combo. Just over a year ago I bought an unlimited data Smarty SIM and the TP-Link Archer MR200 router. Not sure why chose it over a Huawei. For the...
  19. Avalez

    Why does turning wlan config off then on fix my ping?

    Why does turning wlan config off then on fix my ping? I ask this because I don't want to keep doing this every time there is a ping surge.
  20. GamerCub

    New router advice!

    I now have 1gig internet fitted. The current router that CF has supplied is Linksys Velop, WHW0303-UK. Router/mesh setup, they are ok but looking for a decent router. Specs I been looking at are: 1 x WAN Port 4 × Gig Ports QoS VPN support (Needed for work). I am not that fuss if the...
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