1. Quartz

    How are companies allowed to keep calling their defibrillators iPADs?

    Like this one from CU Medical Systems. I mean, surely Apple has to object to defend their trademark?
  2. Schizophonic

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ / Ultra Tab or ipad for a 14 year old?

    Part of his 14 years old, my partner and I was thinking of getting a new ipad for him. He's 14 years old and he taken his mum's ipad (2nd gen) and watches Youtube on it whenever he has down time. He has access to a family computer to do his homework but we were thinking maybe its time for an...
  3. Quartz

    M1 iPad Pro and randomised MAC address

    I have my M1 iPad Pro set to randomise its MAC address for obvious reasons when out and about. But this causes issues when it's on my home network. Is it possible to set the iPad to only have a randomised MAC address when I'm away from home? The OS is fully up to date.
  4. Quartz

    Spec me a USB C SD card reader for iPad and Android

    I'd like to be able to pull data from my dashcam to my mobile phone (Google Pixel) or my iPad Pro (2021) when I'm travelling. To which end I'd like something that can plug into the USB C port on my iPad and Android and into which I can plug the SD card from my dashcam. My current dashcam doesn't...
  5. iMacMart

    Inlaws need to upgrade their Gen 1 (iPad Air - A1475) iPad

    Hi All I'm not that up to speed on the iPads but they have had this for years, battery if starting to degrade and it no longer gets the latest iOS which means she can't use google docs via the web, current one has seen better days They have asked me to look at purchasing them a new model with...
  6. Mallers

    Can i replace a Harmony Elite with an Ipad?

    Hello, basically, as the title says! im new to apple so dont really have a clue whats about (i have an iphone 12 , a few months old as my first and only apple kit) Im looking to buy a new, cheap ipad to use as home control, will it work without too much in the way of getting extra stuff to...
  7. tacticalx86

    Battery life deteriorates after my iPad battery died

    Hi all, I believe this to be the case with my iPad Air 2020, but also basically every other electronic device with a battery I have owned. The iPad has been great. Battery life fantastic. I never allowed it to run down to 0%, however a while ago it did. Since then, its battery life has...
  8. Somnambulist

    Workflow (iOS app)

    So Apple have been and bought the company that made this app, and the app is now free on the App store. Most people assume it will eventually be merged into iOS proper but for the time-being it's still a standalone application. I'd never really looked at it before but being free now I have no...
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