itx cases

  1. Tazzfalcon

    Returning PCMR - ITX build, ATX PSU re-use?

    So, returning after a long break. Hope everyone is well. Turned on my main machine for the first time in about two and a half years this week, it's still that from my signature. All bar the RX 580 is 8 years old give or take. But hasn't been run hard for the last three years. I've got a new...
  2. LukeMurtagh1995

    Recommended Mini-ITX/SFX Case

    Hello, I was thinking about a build I want to do later this year and I was originally considering going for a normal ATX case, but it occurred to me I might be interested in going for a small form factor case. I've never done one before and I'm curious to try one. Problem is, I haven't got a...
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