1. Juggin95

    Will I fail my background check?

  2. Jan Pawlowski

    Urgently needed! Application Developer (Front-End) in Leeds

    Are you interested in using your development knowledge and skills in a diverse development function? Are you an enthusiastic and driven individual with a desire to be part of a development team delivering high quality IT services to support a range of business critical systems? More info...
  3. cryptonian717

    Trucker Job in the UK

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a trucker job for a friend of mine. He is from Romania, and he has all the required documents in terms of driving (C and E license, professional certificate). He is looking for a job in the UK but is also open to be driving across Europe. I hope I posted this in...
  4. danny.thomas747

    No education, no experience, need a job!

    Hey, my story may sound a bit strange, but after the age of 8 I never studied. I don’t mean I went to school and didn’t focus. No! I didn’t even attend school due to several reasons and things happening in the family. I’m 24 now and haven’t studied or gone back to school since then. I’m just...
  5. SJ8812

    Engineering Career Advice - 7 years in..

    Hi, not sure how many here will be able to help but thought it worth a try! I’m a mechanical engineer in the shipbuilding industry with 6.5 years of graduate level experience and I’m looking for a bit of advice on my present situation so apologies for the long post. I’ve moved around a bit so...
  6. Charlie123

    Should I take promotion?

    I used to work in one department, which i enjoyed but moved to an admin department for the pay increase. I love this new department but I have been offered a promotion in the other department as a lead. It's enough of a pay increase to make me consider it but I think I prefer my current...
  7. James Davis

    Suspected nepotism/malpractice in public sector recruitment

    I have some concerns regarding a recent interview process at a university where I work. There has certainly been some unethical activity but I wonder if anything could actually be illegal. Circumstances are laid out below. 1) A person in the position of SCRUM master (agile project manager) on a...
  8. nodedslon

    Job satisfaction

    Do you think that job satisfaction is more important than money? Why/why not? You would rather work in a job which you love or in well-paid one which is stressful, you don't have much time but you are loaded?