1. q974739

    New CPU arrived - but no haribo?

    Dear all. My new CPU arrived today without haribo. When did this shocking lack of snacks begin? Is it a side effect of the pandemic, shrinkflation, the End of Days? Should I log a customer service call?? It seems wrong to return my new 5800x3D over this, but... !!! Please advise!
  2. mrk

    The UK is a third world country

    Along with every other country, Earth is the 3rd world from the Sun, duh.
  3. ThatAriesBloke

    MSI 3080 queue has officialy taking the joke too far

    I'm 902 on last update (this week) for my MSI 3080 gaming trio from an order on 18/10/20 the present rate I'll be lucky to see my card in Feb or March of 2021 The 30 series launch has been a goddamn joke. At a cost of £790.00 i have to say honestly at this stage im pretty much done.
  4. mrk

    After all these years documenting weddings, here's my advice to anyone thinking of getting married

    On one hand, you get to wear a cool expensive ring. On the other, you don't.
  5. PiKe

    Car park bump

    Just had a very, very low speed impact with 2 of us reversing out car parking spaces at the same time (although it was the other guys fault as he reversed whilst I was already moving). We both got out and it looked like minimal damage, slight scrape on bumper and not cracked so I just let him...
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