1. Lordofdeath123

    Guide: Installing Windows 7 on a Kaby Lake PC.

    Hi everyone. This is a guide on how to install Windows 7 64-bit version with all its essential drivers on an Acer E5 575G 54T8 Laptop. This is a Kaby Lake based PC and I expect that many, if not all, of these steps can be applied to many other Kaby Lake based PC's. NOTE: This is just a...
  2. Lordofdeath123

    Installing Intels Kaby Lake Drivers on a Windows 7 Laptop

    Hi all. I bought a new Laptop with an i5 7200U CPU and a Nvidea 950m GPU. It had windows 10 (as expected), so I backed it up and installed windows 7 on top. Despite the Laptop manufacturers not officially supporting windows 7, I was able to install most drivers without too much problems. I...
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