1. PaulC2K

    Lian Li TL LCD fans

    Just posted on their youtube channel Not sure what to make of it. I love seeing tech like this, constantly pushing in different directions, the market will decide what it wants and hopefully thrives etc. I like the idea of running a few of them for system info, CPU & GPU temps etc, or intake...
  2. Dave Stubbs

    Lian-Li AL120 chaining cables sold separately?

    So I've ordered a couple of packs of the AL-120s, anything to reduce the cable clutter, but I don't see any cables listed as included that allow you to daisy chain fans together, only the click together method. What I have in mind is my putting triple sets on my 360 rad and in another in the...
  3. TnBDelta

    New to WC; Prebuild upgrade

    Hi all complete novice here, I would like to premise my request for advice with some background information. Usually, I would build my own AIO WC PCs, however as you can probably imagine I went with a prebuild this time around and here are the specifications: CASE: Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic XL...
  4. JayGee

    JayGee's Lian Li PC-V3000WX Dual Loop Build

    This build is now a wrap - a few final pictures start here -> Thanks for joining me on the ride. JayGee -------------------------------------- ++++++ Original log starts here +++++ -------------------------------------- The excitement...
  5. Tom Parton


    Landing at the end of the month, the long awaited Lian-Li PC-O11 DYNAMIC XL ROG Certified Case is now available for preorder! Available in Black or White flavours, the Dynamic XL builds on the immensely popular PC-O11D case by adding a slew of requested features from end user feedback, including...
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