1. Cadder

    Show Off Your Desk Lamp

    Yes, I expect this thread to get as much enthusiasm as people showing off their cars or glass-sided PC builds with custom loops! Actually I don't. I have two 27" monitors on a desk mounted VESA dual monitor mount. Covid means a lot of Zoom, Google Meet or Teams meetings and I need...
  2. viculisov

    Laptop not turning on (battery issue)

    Have had this laptop (HP 250 G5 Core i7-6500U 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6IN) for 3 1/2 years. Problem initially started when charging hole filled with small bits of rubbish, preventing charger from being inserted Once rubbish was cleaned, the laptop turned on, but battery was not recognised (0%, not...
  3. Lee James

    LED monitors burn my eyes. Are there any 1440p CCFL monitors?

    For many years I've happily used an old CCFL monitor. It's fairly low-res but the colours are excellent. With monitor prices coming down lately, I decided to get myself a new 1440p monitor (this is the ideal resolution for me, based on the type of work I do). Unfortunately, when I got the...
  4. peanutismint

    Using an ODB2 tool to diagnose an engine check light? (Ford Fiesta)

    Yesterday an orange 'engine' light came on my automatic 2007 Ford Fiesta (think it's a Mk 6.5?). I managed to get into the test menu but it showed no error code. I did a bit of a google and some people have suggested buying an ODB2 tool that hooks to the engine/car somewhere and will then give...
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