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  1. Quartz

    Ultra-short RTX 4060, low profile 4060

    Lenovo have produced a RTX 4060 which is only as long as the x16 slot in which it sits. https://www.club386.com/lenovos-miniscule-rtx-4060-is-how-an-entry-level-nvidia-graphics-card-ought-to-look/ And not to be outdone, Gigabyte are launching a low profile RTX 4060...
  2. jul

    Low Profile but Slim Card

    My grandson got given an HP Propdesk Small Form Factor PC from an office that was closing down. Happy as Larry he is, but he wanted to improve the graphics capability. It has Intel HD Graphics 630 integrated. So I ordered a low profile Geforce GTX 1650, which from the various reviews seems to...
  3. Sindenization

    Cooler for 8600k

    I'm looking g at a few coolers for the 8600k, and would be looking to do a small OC of about 4.8Ghz The main coolers I'm looking at are the Corsair h80i v2, or the CM Seidon 240V. The other options are some low profile, top facing coolers. I've seen the Cryorig C1 or the Big Shuriken 2 Rev.B...
  4. smithy83

    HTPC Upgrade - delete please

    ops wrong section
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