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  1. OGKustosz

    Did my M.2 SSD just died?

    Hello, ive built a new PC about 4 months ago. MSI X570 TOMAHAWK and two M.2 SSD drives, Samsung 980 pro 500gb on slot 1, and Sabrent Rocket 4 1TB 2280 on slot 2, Windows 10, all drivers up to date (i think so). Sabrent disk just stopped working when i tried to update tarkov, windows does not see...
  2. iMacMart

    Best performing NVME M2 SSD 1TB

    Morning all Getting lost in all the drive specs, can someone recommend a 1TB drive for £130-£150 please Mainly gaming and some light office work! Thanks all
  3. FurtherReading

    Help trying to enable a M2 SSD on Asus B360-Plus Motherboard

    I recently picked up a Kingston A2000 M2 SSD that I wish to use as a secondary storage drive. I installed it into my M2 slot and while I can see it detected in the Bios it doesn't show as a drive under windows. Screenshots of drives in Bios: https://imgur.com/a/K6vUeOA I tried some google-fu...
  4. feldrakar

    Bios settings help needed please

    I have a Z97X-Gaming 7 Gigabyte motherboard with bios version F6 30/05/2014. I have aWD blue SN500 NVMe drive that I cannot see in the bios. I have looked on line for help but nothing seems to work for me. The Bios will not display the drive, but I can install windows 10 from both a DVD and USB...
  5. Illuminist

    x470 Gigabyte Aorus Ultra gaming Strange problem with NVME Boot

    Hi there, Have an odd problem since updating the bios to the f30 one, I have windows installed on an intel nvme in the m2 slot which worked perfectly until this bios update but now when the pc hibernates and wakes it wont detect an OS and give me a messgae that no boot drive was found. In the...
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