m.2 ssd

  1. Blueyoshi03

    Z370-F 2nd M.2 Slot

    When I first got this board I quickly got an M.2 Sata SSD and installed it into the only M.2 slot I could see (not realising there are 2). This slot is just above the top PCIE lane and is actually marked as the 2nd slot, however I couldn't do anything for the system to recognise anything was...
  2. stockhausen

    Fixing the MBR (or something) when running two drives?

    I have a system with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit installed on a 250GB SSD in the NVMe M.2 slot. Because I wanted to “experiment” with Windows 10 and also because I wanted to set up a “Data” partition I decided also to install a shiny new 1TB SSD as a SATA III drive and to install Windows 10 in a...
  3. Christopher McClure

    What would be the ideal m.2 ssd for my board?

    Hi there. I currently use a b450-f gaming motherboard and was wondering what the best m.2 ssd i could get for around £100. Im hoping for a 1tb drive. Currently using a 480gb sata ssd but needing the extra storage so thinking of having the m.2 as my main drive. Also would i need a heatsink for...
  4. flaminbjuggler

    Windows 10 installed on P1 SSD instead of M1 M.2 SSD

    I just received a PC build from Overclockers with an M.2 SSD (1Tb) in M1 position and 2.5" SSD (120Gb) in the P1 position. Windows 10 has been installed on the wrong hard drive: should've been the M.2 one, but has been installed on the 2.5" SSD instead. Trying to get in touch with Customer...
  5. Paul Rallyfan

    Threadripper 3970X build advice sought.

    Hi, I’m after some advice on putting together a number simulation machine around a 3970X Amd Threadripper. A couple of months ago I asked about about this type of setup with a 256GB RAM configuration, and I’ve asked a few companies to quote as I’m now looking at a purchase now we’ve gone over...
  6. Token037

    Second opinion on bundle and SSD choices

    Hello glorious OC community. My PC is just for gaming and I would mainly like to know if I am going wrong with my potential choice of SSD. I am finding it a bit unclear as to why this SSD is so much cheaper than the Samsung model (twice the price ) with very similar specs. I am also wondering...
  7. Ragingsilver

    Do new motherboards all support NVMe M.2?

    This is really embarrassing for me to ask but I can't seem to find the right answer from browsing motherboards on OCUK site or watching youtube videos. So I'm doing some research on upgrading to a Ryzen build in the future, bare in mind the last time I built a PC was some 10 years ago and have...
  8. alexander Cargill

    Laptop recomendations

    Hi all I'm quite new here I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a laptop for no more than £450 that has both a 2.5" internal hdd and a m.2 expansion port as I'm looking for one for a friend and I'm not to sure what is about. Any help would be gratefully received Alexander
  9. tibo1010

    What should normal/safe operating temperature be for a M.2 NVMe drive?

    I have a Samsung 960 Pro 512MB M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe drive. Does anyone know what the normal/safe operating temperature should be for this drive or any M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe based drive? My 960 Pro has an average operating temperature of 44 degrees Celsius. This is during web browsing, having...
  10. lloydcars18

    New System Build with NVME Drive coming from a HDD need Advice?

    Hey Folks so Basically using a P5Q-E Board atm with 2 1TB Drives first one is a 8 Year old Samsung Spinpoint F1 which has 2 Partitions on it one with OS/Programs other is Storage then have a WD Blue 1tb Which i purchased a few months ago will be keeping this it just has a System image/Back-up on...
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