1. MikeyFory

    Mac Lost in post advice

    Hi everyone bit of an annoying situation here looking for some advice… I recently bought an Airbook Mac M2 chip. It has now been officially lost in post. Costco tried to contact the delivery company but they cannot track the parcel. I have asked Costco for the serial number to file a...
  2. Dervxerox

    Mac mini (2009), Apple logo, no progress bar, doesn't respond to keyboard, no sounds.

    Hi, I'm completely new to Macs. I acquired a Mac mini (2009) When I switch it on I get the Apple logo, no progress bar, no response to keyboard, no sounds. I've left it running for an hour with no change. Holding the power button for a while turns it off. Could someone please tell me what the...
  3. mrdogcat

    Monitor for new Macbook 16" M1 Max

    I've ordered a new MacBook 16" M1 MAX to finally replace my MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2014... It's been a hard-working little thing for many years but I think it's time to put it up for retirement. So I also need to replace my ageing Thunderbolt display with something more of this decade...
  4. 3080guy

    Can I play a 32bit Mac game on Steam

    Are there any 32 bit mac games I can play on Steam? I downloaded TF2 but got a message saying I dont have a 64 bit machine. Its a 7 year old (ish) Macbook Air. What can I play that will run on my machine? Anything fun/free?
  5. Kaboz

    4k working great, but ultrawide not?

    Gents, I'm in a very weird situation. 2 of my laptops (Windows and Mac) are working perfectly with 4k TV's but sub-par with ultrawide monitors. The ultrawide monitor is the Samsung C34f791, and I also tried with Samsung S34E790 and the results were the same (or slightly worse) Here's what I've...
  6. owenworley

    High capacity so-dimm (32gb) scarcity?

    Does anyone know why high capacity SO-DIMMs are so hard to find? Specifically ddr4 32gb sticks, I can't find a single place that sells them. Apple just announced the new Mac mini, which has a configuration that can come with 64gb of ram, in 2x32gb SO-DIMMs (2666MHz DDR4) - unfortunately 64GB is...
  7. atkuzmanov

    Home USB 3.0 hub recommendations needed

    Hi there forum fellows, First of all let me thank you for the wonderful forum, so grateful to everyone involved! I am looking for recommendations for a USB 3.0 hub, one with 7-10 usb ports. It has to work with a Macbook pro Retina without interfering with it's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as most of...
  8. ssmacc

    Virtual Mac?

    Hello, I may have to use a Mac soon and as I have no experience whatsoever I'd therefore like to have a little play. I've got the PC in my sig. and I've got VM running another Win 10 machine. Question is, is it possible to run Apples software on a PC?
  9. IndiaHawker

    Looking for a secondhand Macbook to play Minecraft on - but which?

    I've been used to an HP Pavillion ab254sa which has an i5 6200U processor, 8gb RAM, either 1tb or 2tb hard drive (can't remember), and intel hd graphics 520. So obviously not top of the range, but capable of running Minecraft between ~30-60FPS depending on resource packs etc. I can even get it...
  10. Somnambulist

    New Mac Pro and displays

    Praise be to raptor Jesus, might get a decent 5K monitor after the disaster that is the LG Ultrafine 5K. Not a Mac Pro owner or potential buyer but good to see they've not given up on it just yet.
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