1. Cadder

    Outlook Desktop Auto-Reading Emails

    Hi all, My company email server is Stackmail, which I had no problem connecting with on Outlook both on desktop and my mobile. I have other email addresses linked to outlook, but they are Microsoft domains. The problem I am experiencing is that my desktop outlook will not show any new emails I...
  2. csprv

    Any parcel collection locker service around London?

    Hi! Are there any parcel lockers around London that I can get any parcel delivered to? I found one called InPost but apparently it only works with online shopping websites that have an option for delivery to InPost parcel lockers. Back in Australia we used to be able to freely collect parcels...
  3. Mint_Sauce

    Google Accounts

    I can't seem to find any real answers on this so have come to you guys! I'm setting up the Google Apps for Business suite and in that process am setting up each user. When going through I'm adding each person so their account becomes [email protected] which is fine and very standard, but...
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