1. Willowbark

    Corsair Carbide mATX refit

    Evening folks, I want to put some new innards in a Corsair Carbide mATX case and I'm looking for some help. It's for games and graphics, but nothing bleeding edge. I'd like to keep it under £1500, but I'm willing to overspec to gain longevity. The monitor is an existing DELL P2723DE using HDMI...
  2. Liles

    Gigabyte Z690M - any owners out there?

    I'm looking to put together a 12700K mATX build to replace my 3600X and MSI B450M Mortar Among the lack of choice my heart has been drawn to the Auros Elite Z690M but I am really struggling to find any proper reviews or hands-on accounts. Only seems the ATX version has been properly covered...
  3. jbb060

    Small micro-ATX case with four 3.5" bays & at least one 2.5" bay?

    Pretty much as the title says! I've recently upgraded my processor/mobo/RAM and went for a mATX board with the hopes of downsizing from my Antec 300-2. There seems to be a lot of nice small form-factor cases out there, but I've had difficulty finding one that enables my data-hoarding...
  4. Gabriel Tidswell

    Gigabyte vs ASRock motherboard for i5 11400f

    Hi Putting together my first rig using an i5 11400f. Would love to know how the Gigabyte Intel B560 DS3H Micro-ATX and ASRock Intel B560M-HDV mATX compare. What is the difference between these boards and what are the options for expansion/wi-fi cards? Cheers
  5. G4Gaming

    Budget £500 Used Parts mATX gaming rig build advice please?

    Hi Guys I wanted some advice on building a budget gaming rig for around £500 (can probably stretch to £600) I have a converted Apple PowerMac G4 case that I modified to take an mATX build a few years back, and I always planned on building a Hackintosh to go inside, but ended up just buying an...
  6. jonden56

    Gigabyte B450M GAMING what size case ?

    i have a Gigabyte B450M GAMING and 2600 cpu i'm very limited on space i was wondering what size case this motherboard could fit into the smaller the better , i have a full sized power supply and a msi ventus 2060 if that helps oh and the cpu has its stock cooler on thank you in advance for...
  7. Tatti

    4K Video mATX suggestions

    Hello all, I'm looking at building a new micro PC for use in the front room to play UHD 4K video on my TV in the front room, but don't want a monster box sitting around looking out of place. A mATX build is what I was looking at, to build from scratch, but wanted advice on what specs I might...
  8. softwaresimian

    Ryzen 3900x / mATX board ?

    I'm looking to get a 3900x and need an mATX board to go with it. Seems to be a lack of X570 boards, so any recommendations for a B450 / X470 board ? It will not be overclocked and will have to cope with 64GB. Stability is a higher priority than performance. Thanks
  9. Phixsator

    Gigabyte B450 Auros M mATX

    UPDATE: Bios F40 has been released a bit ago bringing support for 3rd gen Ryzen. Not sure if it brings any new functionality but things seems shifted a bit in the bios. Also Gigabite has released a list of the supported cpu's which includes to my surprise really the 16c 32 thread monster...
  10. Quartz

    Is there any point to full ATX for a gaming build?

    So you're building your super-duper gaming rig. The basis is, of course, the motherboard. But with SLI and XF being deprecated, why bother going full ATX? Why have anything more than mATX?
  11. eddiew

    About to give up on AM4 mATX... any news?

    I've been struggling with a bad choice of motherboard for nearly a year. It's mATX and I like the format, but this particular model is just terrible on multiple levels and it needs to go. After researching it, all B350 mATX boards are a weak around the VRM section (4+2 best case, 3+2 worst...
  12. masteripper

    Kolink Satellite Plus any tolerances ?

    Hello to everybody... I am thinking of buying Kolink Satellite Plus (cube) but there is too much restrictions especially when it comes to its Mb with...i am finding plenty of MotherBoards with H : 22.6cm but the width is almost always bigger than 18cm... I have found couple of motherboards with...
  13. AdamAlex


    Hi, this is my case in which I will build my water cooling system, Is made by Parvum, is based on the S2.5 but with small differences. The theme for the build is Titanfall 2, I just presented the project to the guys at Parvum and a couple of emails back an forward we come up with this case. I...
  14. Thermatix

    MATX/ITX cases that support Slimline DVD slotloaders

    So, I'm thinking of building a new comp in the next month or two because: A) I need/want a new comp (current one is kind of dying and is a bit old) B) I've been waiting for vega And I decided that I want to get a case that supports a slot loading slimline drive becuase i've always thought they...
  15. phloem

    Lian Li PC PC-9F standoff size

    Hi everyone I recently purchased all the parts for a new build using the Lian Li PC-9F. I've a mATX motherboard and the standoffs in the case were screwed* in at the factory for ATX so I need to swap a couple around and I'd also like to remove the surplus standoffs so everything is neat. I...
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