1. keogh

    RTX 2080 Max-Q comparing to desktop 1080ti

    Hi Guys, I have a desktop PC that has a single GeForce 1080ti that I use exclusively as my gaming system and its copes very well with anything. I live in Asia and travel a lot (back to the UK quite a bit) and want to have gaming for when I travel. Not necessarily during travel, I mean at the...
  2. eyehigh

    Boost performance on a gaming laptop 4k screen with HDMI dummy plug?

    Hi guys, I have a MSI GS73 8RF Stealth laptop which has an integrated Intel UHD 630 and a dedicated 1070 Max-Q GPU. What I noticed is when I plug in a HDMI cable and work on a 4k monitor on 60 Hz, everything is lightning fast. Unfortunately, that isn't the case when I'm using the laptop screen...
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