1. itm

    Is HP Microserver Gen10 a suitable ESXi host for these requirements?

    I want to consolidate a couple of my home servers into an ESXi (free edition) host. I've been looking at an HP Microserver Gen10 as I already have a Gen8 and I really like the form factor (I'm looking for something with a lot of drive bays which can easily be moved up and down to my attic, which...
  2. himaro

    Home Server. Worth containerising?

    I've got a HP Prolight microserver Gen7. It's had a rather long history of OS's installed on it. Win Server 2008 R2, ESXI (hosting Win server 2008 R2 & Centos), Proxmox (ubuntu containers & fullfat OS). I've recently had my main LVM corrupt, taking with it my CCTV software and network storage...
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