mini pc

  1. Wegason

    ASRock DeskMini X300

    So to support the new Ryzen APU's (Renoir), the 4000 series of APU's, ASRock have announced their update to the DeskMini A300, the DeskMini X300. It looks practically identical, only changes i can see (having built an A300)...
  2. C4R1S08

    Mini Gaming PC - £700ish

    Hey guys, Looking to build a Mini Gaming PC - Something small that can be kept in the Kitchen and not be in the way of anything. Had been thinking of a Gaming Laptop but don't think Laptops suit gaming very well and any i have seen are crazy expensive. Just looking a decent PC Rig that will...
  3. upmg

    Small / Super Cheap Desktop

    Hi All, My mother desperately needs a new computer, I want to purchase or build a Small cheap thin client or a mini-PC that is Quick for her. What she uses daily. Microsoft Office/Watching YouTube videos or HD content on it plus she plays some games, not AAA+ titles we are talking point and...
  4. cpu2007

    Mini PC advice

    Hi everyone, I need some help in regards to this matter and was hoping if someone could tell me what's the best course of action. At home I have a surveillance system where my CCTV cameras are connected to a DVR. I am looking for an alternative method so that I can have a better surveillance...
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