mining rig

  1. josh1990123

    How to increase my RTX 3070 TI Hash rate and lower wattage?

    Newbie miner alert here. I am looking for some guidance from someone more advanced than myself, which should be too difficult considering I have around 7 days mining experience. First mining rig set up (if you can call 1 gpu a mining rig!) using the following components and the best I can do is...
  2. ElijahMoreira

    New gaming pc build to be used for mining.

    Hi, I am thinking about building a gaming pc to run modern titles at 1080p with decent frame rates. I am not really comfortable spending inflated prices for a graphics card. I had an idea in order to make my money back from an overpriced graphics card. What hardware would you recommend for a...
  3. Kris0r

    Extending my PSU from 4 GPU to 6

    Hi all, I currently use my Thermaltake RGB 1250w PSU to run 4 1070s, as it has 8 slots for PCI-E cables, and each card requires 2 8-pin connectors. I'd like to add two more 1070s but am currently at capacity on PCI-E slots/cables on my PSU. Is it possible to get multiple 8pins on the same...
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