modern warfare

  1. Samuel_Martin

    Graphics problems

    Hi all, I’ve built a pc and I’m having issues with the graphics on warzone, graphics are blurry at range and frames are jumping from 80-150.. Tried changing the render settings and still no fix Pc specs: i7 10700k RTX 3060 16GB Ram Completely new to pc gaming built the pc and downloaded most...
  2. Disco_P

    Call of Duty 17: Black Ops Cold War

    Came Out 13 November 2020. Teaser: Reveal: Launch: PC Features:
  3. EastCoastHandle

    My Experience Between the Sound Blaster Zx vs AE-7 In a Few Games

    Objective I've decided to update to the AE-7 for the headphone surround sound that the SB Command offers over the headphones. With the Zx I had a very hard time determining the direction of footsteps in Modern Warfare. Those who play on console can with average cans. Which gives them a pretty...
  4. Wtfgeooo

    I lose so my fps in a game but my pc is pretty decent?

    I got given this PC a couple of years ago so I don’t actually have massive PC knowledge, I understand the basics but I really don’t know how to solve my issue when I got given a really good PC. I’ve played two pretty intensive games COD and Fortnite. In Fortnite I’d run 144fps but I’d get these...
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