1. johnbnt

    Pc Monitor Problem

    Hellow, My pc monitor suddenly, since 2 weeks, started to be very bright when starting and in about 30 minuites is restoring to normal. Its a monitor problem as other monitors are working perfectly in my pc. What can I do?
  2. vvtlk

    AOC I2790VQ/BT - defect or bag

    Hi everyone. I have bought AOC I2790VQ / BT monitor. Everything's okay, but there is one thing that worries me. At certain viewing angles there are some unpleasant effects. This is clearly seen in plain color images. Videos and images of this effect are available via the link -...
  3. Marlie

    LG38UC99 38"

    Hi all, Does anyone have this monitor? Seems a better price on OC shop for £899. Anyone recommend this monitor? I will be using it with my early 2013 macbook pro retina. Mainly for photo editing, browsing and a bit of video editing.
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