motherboard help

  1. Morphian

    Looking to upgrade CPU, Motherboard and other components

    Looking to upgrade my CPU above all things, in order to do so I need a new motherboard and then RAM to go with it (as my current RAM is DDR3 and not 4). Current budget: £500 (£530 MAX) - ($650-$690, roughly. USD). I'm looking at getting one of these motherboards: 1...
  2. Warlock87

    Help with using water cooler a on MSI B75IA E33 Motherboard

    I'm half way threw my first pc build Specs/Parts I have! I7 3770 NON K MSI B75IA E33 2x 4Gbs Corsair Vengence 1600mhz (Blue) Bitfenix Phenom itx Case (White) Aerocool Integrated MX500w Semi-M PSU Parts On Way (That I have questions about) Bitfenix 230mm spectre pro white (Blue LED) Will be...
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