1. Quartz

    Arctic MX-5 - Product recall

    Statement here. Unfortunately it doesn't say which batches are affected. @Gibbo?
  2. William Budd

    Need help with MOT

    Recently got my 2003 Mazda Mx-5 MOT'd and there are quite a few issues that it says need to be done. Would like to know roughly how much it will all cost?! Nearside Rear Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced OUTER SILL (7.1.1 (a) (i)) Offside Rear...
  3. Seanoog

    Sports Car Suggestions

    Hello fellow Overclockers. As per title, I am looking for Sports Car Suggestions. I have included a list of car's below, that I am seriously looking at and researching pro's/con's. But I am asking for your collective suggestions, experiences and idea's for similar cars. Presently I drive a MK2...
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