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  1. Reewix

    Trying to replace my 2 Synology Nas boxes for a better single case plex build

    as the title shows, i am currently running 2 synology nas boxes DS918+ (4bay) DS920+ (4bay) (all 10tb Iron wolf drives and both systems in raid 5) im unable to add to this current setup to due power socket limatations so idealy id like to get ride of the 2 boxes and...
  2. Waqar

    Plex Server advice

    So sometime in the future I’d like to build a server for my plex library, currently I’m using a synology ds918+ nas as my plex server and it’s fine but it’s not exactly great at having multiple remote streams. I’d like to build a somewhat small factor nas with the ability to hot swap drives like...
  3. hellgreen

    NAS reccomendations

    Currently i have like 6 external usb hard drivers that hold about 14tb worth of old tv series and anime that i watch . I am thinking of getting a NAS to use as a home media servers and would like to look around the 30-40tb range. However as im not totally tech savy any reccomendations what...
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