1. jwilliamson47

    Alienware DWF or Samsung Neo G7 for Mixed Usage?

    Hi, I'm currently thinking about buying a new monitor. Sold my old ultrawide because it was lacking compared to my CX55 and I couldn't put up with the contrast ratio. I've narrowed it down to the Alienware DWF/Samsung Neo G7. The DWF has a longer/better warranty but will probably not last as...
  2. hyperseven

    John Wick - Chapter 4

    Release date: 24/03/23 :cry:
  3. Space Monkey

    Has anyone fitted an XSPC Raystorm Pro or NEO AM4 CPU water block?

    Hi guys, Seem to have a potential problem? I was in the process of fitting my new XSPC AM4 Raystorm Neo CPU block but at the very first point of fitting the long screws into the motherboard back plate (which it also says to use a nylon washer) it doesn't seem right to me? The back plate is...
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