1. pemicx

    Unknown callers not blocked but NHS calls not getting through

    Yesterday I missed an important NHS consultation: I received no phone call but they say they called. My Android phone settings has no Blocked Numbers, and the setting to 'Block calls from unidentified callers' has always been turned off. Lebara, my network provider, tell me they don’t block any...
  2. Radu

    Colleagues bad behaviour

    Hi everyone, I have been having some issues with my colleagues at work for a while now and I would like to ask for your advice. I work as a receptionist at a hospital in London. I work at the main reception. My duties include directing people to their appointments and departments, registering...
  3. stockhausen

    Google 'owns' the medical history of 50 million Americans

    No message.
  4. 90Ninety

    Is Gaming addiction a mental health condition ?

    I heard on the radio a few weeks back , 'NHS recognises gaming addiction as a treatable mental health condition " or something of that affect . I am really torn on this , gaming is part of me , from a very young age , my dad purchased a commodore 64 , I spent hours , until next day playing...
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