noblechair gaming chair

  1. nephtys

    Need advices :Hero or Epic Noblechairs but for a 5"4 & 153lbs woman ?

    Hello, I want some review on the Hero / Epic from Noblechairs, especially from women, since I'm one and 99% reviews are made about guy around 200lbs and more ^^' BUT I'm not against review from some guy around 153lbs to ! I'm actually 5"4/1.63m & 153lbs/70kg~ wich is not that big actually but...
  2. Reecewebbe

    Epic Noble chair Gold/Black

    I bought my noble chair in 2017 and its started to tear where my legs rest on either side little by little. Im struggling to figure out how to repair it or where to get it repaired. please help, I love this chair and just want it to look fresh and brand new again.
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