noob beginner first time

  1. Knoqulous

    Never built a pc before

    Hi, Moving away from consoles.... Had enough of buying a new one every couple of years. Iv looked into parts and have finally decided on what to get but I'm unsure whether to build it myself or not as iv not done this before. This build iv planned would also use a water cooler...... Is this a...
  2. WHW

    5 Year Old Rig - Looking to upgrade

    Hi, I brought a reasonable system from overclockers about 5 years ago (stats below). I most edit audio (quite big plug-in heavy projects) and video on it. Don't do as much gaming as I used to on it but wouldn't mind an excuse to be able to turn all the settings up a bit and have a good machine...
  3. Axel Derril

    Lian Li O11 Air/RGB radiator placement

    Hello guys i am not very sure if this is the place i should be posting about my Lian Li O11 Air case but if it isn`t please point me to the right place. Here we go, i been gathering all the things for my new PC build and i have some doubts where to place the cooler/radiator. So the case i got is...
  4. MrLemontimes

    Advice on first Gaming PC build please! (£1500-£1600)

    Hi guys, after a friend of mine recommended this site to me as a great place to go for help with a PC build I have been reading lots of posts and doing research to try and figure out what the right kind of setup for me might be. I have come up with the below, please could you give me any...
  5. sitkaman

    Total Newbie to pc gaming

    Hey, I've wanted to get into pc gaming for awhile now but i have no idea on anything tbh, the games i want to play are stuff along the lines of welcome to the game 2 etc just something decent that can run well, any advice would be great bros!
  6. Jamesb26

    Help me plz!!! Me=TrueNoob First build ever..

    So first I’ll apologise for my spelling and grammar I have a.d.d. Which I know is no excuse but please bear with me I’ll try to be as clear as possible.. I’m 30 live in the uk and I have always had a passion for gaming and iv decided to build my first gaming pc. Iv always owned standard cheap...
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