nvidia shield tv

  1. ssmacc

    Dolby Vision Dropping Out?

    Hello All, My Denon AVR-X2700H has developed a fault when playing Dolby Vision content. I have a LG-OLED65B9PLA which plays Dolby Vision content from the built TV apps without issue. I also have a Nvidia Shield (2019) which if connected directly to the TV directly plays Dolby Vision without...
  2. Christo

    Plex Server - 4K

    Since Google Play Music is being shut down and Youtube Music is a weak option (especially if you own your own library of music) I have looked in to various alternatives, and it seems Plex a good one. The bonus being I can serve my video content to my 4K tv better. I have been looking in to a...
  3. ssmacc

    Nvidia Shield TV - Sound drops out over Ethernet, other options?

    Hello, I've got a couple of Nvidia Shield TV's (2015 versions) and love them! Use them as the hub of my HTPC and they have been brilliant...until...I upgraded my AV AMP and Projector, I've now started watching 4k HDR ATMOS films, there is a known bug that means the sound drops out randomly over...
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