1. MatteRB26

    OBS Encoding overloaded for seemingly no reason?

    So we started streaming a few weeks ago and everything was generally going fine. I was streaming & recording Phasmophobia on my PC at 1080p 60fps using a 2070 just fine (for a while) with a couple of Source Record filters running on the game and webcam. After about 1.5-2hrs I'd start getting...
  2. chris blackford

    is there away og having riva turner over lay on the OBS but not game screen?

    hi is there away og having riva turner over lay on the OBS but not game screen? doing sum testing for issue i'm having and don't want it on screen why i'm gameing
  3. Quartz

    Streaming Jedi Survivor with OBS tip: use two GPUs

    I've just been watching someone stream Jedi Survivor on PC on Twitch and they were having huge problems with OBS crashing. They solved the problem by using two GPUs, gaming on one GPU and having OBS use the other. I think the gaming GPU was a RTX 3080 Ti and the OBS GPU was a GTX 1060 but I'm...
  4. jinxpad

    Screen capture + HDR = dim recordings

    So I finally turned on HDR on my PG329Q because they apparently released a firmware update which fixed the auto dimming issues. I was actually pleasantly surprised, despite only being an HDR 600 rated monitor, it actually made a marked the visual quality of my games, at least to me anyway. Now...
  5. Rasta4i

    Best CPU for OBS/Wirecast

    Im looking to hopefully build an itx system for editing but I'd also like to use it for live streaming with obs and eventually wirecast using 4k capture cards like Blackmagic deckling. I just wanted to know if anyone could offer any advice? im currently considering AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
  6. Quartz

    OBS does not work with Elgato HD60 S+

    I have a nice shiny new Elgato HD60 S+. But I can't seem to get it to work with OBS. The setup is that I have my spare PC - now an Intel 11400 with a Maxwell Titan - set up as the video source and am running OBS on my main PC. The Elgato is connected to my PC by USB. It works fine in Elgato's...
  7. JBuss

    Wanting to build my own PC - Advice needed please

    Hi there, newbie to the forum. Hope everyone is keeping well during these strange times. Lockdown has got me wanting to build a PC. I'm not wanting to game on it (does that mean I dont need an expensive graphics card?), I just want a fast PC and I may stream so games on Twitch from my Xbox...
  8. Risingdragonboy

    Help with getting PC to run at X16 instead of X8 for game recording

    Hello everyone I been having two sleepless nights over, I believe to be a common issue with 2017 and older motherboards. My friend and if all goes well Co worker wants to start doing youtube but we have hit a huge problem when trying to record pc gaming footage on obs and it ending up looking...
  9. Koyakami

    Streamlabs OBS - High CPU use?

    Hey folks, I've noticed that my Streamlabs OBS is using 87% of my CPU (making my CPU run at 100%) but I believe this has only been since the last update - causing me to have issues while streaming such as missing frames. I've not really had this issue previously so wondered if anyone else had...
  10. DirtiDodger

    Streaming Hardware Help

    Hi guys. Straight to business! I5 4690k @ 4.2ghz H100i AIO cooler Msi 980ti gpu 8gb Corsair vengeance Aoc 1080p 144hz monitor This is my current set up. I’m now starting to delve into streaming after already having a go at content creating. I’m also using OBS for streaming. With my current...
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