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  1. Josh_117

    Is my pc worth upgrading?

    Hi everyone, I built my PC back in 2012 and it ran like a dream. Unfortunately it's now starting to show signs of it's age and while I'm stuck at home for the foreseeable future I'm wanting to play new games such as Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and others to pass the time. I've been looking...
  2. LucifersLandLord

    Overclock, new CPU, new motherboard or just give up.

    Hello, computer = Dell T5500 CPU = Intel Xeon E5620 GPU = Nvidia 1050-ti Ram = 32gb DDR3 Everything else is stock. I am aware I am using a server to game. Cool huh? I am new to this forum and am looking for advice. I have been running the setup above for a couple of years, she has served me...
  3. SpoderSunbro

    OCing a modded Xeon L5430 on a Gigabyte G41-MT-ES2L

    Ok, I know that this CPU and its counterpart components (MOBO, RAM, etc.) are quite old and I'm overdue on upgrades. But I don't live in the UK and I don't live in a country in which I can easily upgrade in my current situation (college student on a tight budget). I got a Xeon L5430 (2,66GHz) on...
  4. NoahR1150

    Graphics card pricing

    I've got a very old tower pc which is soon to be thrown away and I looked at the graphics card on the internet and a similar card popped up going for £230!? I was wondering if anyone could price my GPU for me? It's a R96A C3 AMD GPU. Super old ik cheers!
  5. boothegoopc

    How Do I Find My Old Docs And Desktop Folders?

    Hi Guys, I recently built a new PC. I took my old OS SSD out so I could recover a few folders, most of them are located in the documents and 1 was located on my old desktop. They are all game settings, car setups, bindings, you know them things that take years to gather up and the thought of...
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