1. supergt

    Wall mount recommendations for an LG C1 48 as a monitor

    Hi All, After lots of research and considering my budget/needs I cancelled the AW UW OLED that was going to ship in August and purchased the titled TV. I am now looking to get some assistance on which wall mount makes sense for my needs! So the TV will be mounted for my workstation in my...
  2. VincentHanna

    LG OLED 2022 Thread - A2, B2, C2, G2

    The new 2022 OLED range is about to hit the UK * As small as 42 inches, as large as 97 inches! * Uses the Alpha 9 Gen 5 chipset. * C2 and G2 uses LG OLED Evo technology for a 20% boost in brightness * The G2 is 20% lighter than last years G1 while the C2 weighs a massive 47% less than the C1...
  3. ssmacc

    LG OLED 2019 B9 - VRR to "Normal" Results in Ghosting

    Hello All, I've got a LG OLED 2019 B9 65" that I'm very happy with. However, I've recently noticed going from my PC (3060Ti) to Sky Q or my Shield the picture is awful, there seems to be what I can only describe as a constant stutter / Ghosting, physically unplugging the TV and re-booting seems...
  4. Supra_Hadouken

    LG Oled CX 48" Is An Incredible Ultrawide Experience And Here's Why

    Running this monitor at 3840x1600 is a 45" insane ultrawide experience, even better than my old Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ which was one of the best ultra-wides. You do not even notice the top and bottom of the screen being black as the pixels are off. To get HDR to work on custom resolutions, you...
  5. Rennnnnn

    OLED SCREEN - warranty / refund question

    Hey, So I’m thinking of purchasing this laptop. I’ve looked at reviews and payed attention to the positives and negatives - but overall i’m happy with the product. Recently, I came across reading about OLED screens having the issue of static images burning in. So my question is, if I got this...
  6. Sath

    Valve Index display quality?

    Had an Oculus CV1, sold it on quite a long time ago now, and regret doing so, so considering saving up for a new set, but found that the CV1 is survived by the S and Quest, which both have their own pluses and drawbacks. Importance placed on having "true" black contrast is subjective, but am I...
  7. juno_first

    Is this OLED screen-burn worth bothering about?

    I've been really careful with my LG 55E6 for over a year & surprisingly video gaming hasn't affected it & I don't watch normal TV anyway. However, the native YouTube app has caused some very minor burn-in from the red logo at the top left which I didn't know existed until trying a magenta test...
  8. gordon_freeman

    Alienware 13 R3

    Looking at one of these, any real world experience from anyone here. I am particularly interested in the OLED screen. Let me know your thoughts.