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  1. MrMarvelous

    Road to Vostok - Hardcore single player FPS on an open source engine

    Searched but didn't find a thread on this game. Running on the open source Godot engine. From the breif time i've spent with it is seems quite graphically impressive. I've posted some of my own screen shots at the bottom. Info below: Road to Vostok
  2. Mint_Sauce

    Open Source Projects for Good

    Hi all, I've been dabbling in development for a number of years, I'm self-taught and have no idea how good (or bad) I really am. I was a professional full stack developer for 2 years with a company but when covid kicked in it really knocked the business and I was made redundant. I've decided...
  3. Nelly

    NVIDIA PhysX Now Open-Source

    Source: GitHub, TechPowerUp
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