1. Rainmaker


    I searched for 'the' Aquiss thread on here, and realised there wasn't one. :eek: We have a thread for most of the providers, so I'm starting this rather than tag onto the main BT/FTTP thread. I ordered 'Family Pure Fibre 1000' with a /29 IPv4 and a /58 IPv6 last Friday. The MD (Martin) has been...
  2. HorsleyA

    OpenReach and Competitor at the Cabinet

    Can anyone enlighten me regarding an issue we have in our village around FTTC/VDSL and clarify my understanding? Our Village is served almost entirely by a single PCP Cabinet. There are 2 FTTC cabinets one owned by CallFlow and one by Openreach. CallFlow no longer use their Cabinet and no...
  3. DHR

    FTTP tomorrow, where to put the ONT

    Typical busy week, only just thinking about the installation and ONT location now :rolleyes: The existing phone point, and therefore most equipment, router, firewall, nas, various iot things and an 8 port switch all tidily tucked away in a cabinet, smack bang in the middle of the house in the...
  4. KPC

    Zen FTTP lower than advertised speeds

    I have a site in Cornwall I look after who recently upgraded to Zen FTTP (were on FTTC) and took the 900Mbps package. From activation they don't achieve more than 500-600Mbps at best. I've tested this from a couple of machines directly connected to the Openreach ONT and dialling a PPPoE...
  5. mwdthomas

    Openreach master socket and new house ethernet system

    Hi, Apologies in advanced for my cluelessness in the field of networking, but I am currently in the middle on an on-going and seemingly never ending install with Plusnet and thought now would be a good time to make sure I'm utilising my internet setup correctly. I've just moved into a new...
  6. spicypixel

    Openreach - messed up records?

    Bit perplexed by this but here we go... I was casually looking to see what openreach products the checker says I can order on a new flat I've recently started renting. Getting the keys to the lower ground floor flat next month so got some time to work this out prior to it being an issue...
  7. Housey

    FTTP Thoughts?

    Surprised to say we have the ability to order FTTP at home. I say this as we are very rural and a small cluster attached to a really small exchange (circa 300 properties on our exchange) but sure enough we have it. I actually walked around the grounds with the Openreach engineer looking at where...
  8. Disco_P

    Am I just screwed?

    I used to have a personal 6mbit with BT. My family has a 2nd 5mbit line with BT that they use for netflix and stuff. It was fine cause I could watch 720p youtube/twitch and play online video games without worrying about congestion. BT wanted to raise my price four fold and double my contract...
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