1. Quartz

    Educate me about linear optical switches for keyboards

    WCCFTech article here. Yes, I know. And it's Razer. Yes, I know. Hence why I'm asking here. Educate me. So, is it a gimmick? Is it any better for your hands? Or is it a pro-gamer thing?
  2. ASGR71

    External tower case with several optical drives

    Hi All, Is it possible to build a tower unit with several optical drives that would act as a hardware extension to a computer, a break-away-box (i believe), with its own power and options to add PCI cards for different buses eg USB, Firewire, Lightening? Preferably that is 'transplantable' to...
  3. Hessian

    Recommend a 5.25" to USB External Caddy?

    I've got a 5.25" optical drive that I use quite regularly to rip DVDs and BluRays, but I've just switched to a Mini ITX case without a slot. So I'm in need of an external caddy; there's plenty of Chinese products, or adapaters with questionable claims regarding powering a 5.25" optical drive...
  4. Paddy32

    Trying to get a Logitech z906 5.1 sound working with an optical cable through Sony 4k TV

    Hello, Before I start I want to say that I know that the z906 kit has a very poor sound quality and is trash for a home cinema. I have had this kit for 6 years now, used it to get 5.1 sound for my PC and would like to recycle it now into a home cinema before buying a proper sound kit. And also...
  5. Zig13

    Basic, Decent Stereo Audio for Netflix/DVDs

    Looking to replace my dying Aiwa XR-EM20 (90/00s HiFi minisystem) in it's function as layman-good PC speakers for my partner's PC when we watch Netflix/DVDs. Neither of us are audiophiles and we're not interested in surround-sound. We've been perfectly happy with the sound quality of the XR-EM20...
  6. Sam Dennis

    New Home Theatre Setup

    First of all! Hi! I'm new on here so be kind! I'll explain a few things first to make it easier for you guys to help! I have had a gaming pc I built nearly 3 years ago. I have purchased a Sony HT-RT3 5.1 Soundbar Set to accompany my games, I have used headsets and just don't get on with them...
  7. snowdog

    Boost output volume on hdmi or optical

    Hello, I like listening to music at high volumes. My pc setup used to be : PC>A/V>TV all though HDMI. This provided a nice signal to my A/V receiver, A Sony DA2400ES. I upgraded my TV, to a 4K tv (Phillips 43PUS6101/12 ), since my AV amp doesn't support 4k it goes : PC>TV>A/V, with audio...
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