1. kefan77

    Reinstalling mac OS on older MBP

    hi, got my hands on old MBP (early 2011). I just repasted it, as that thing was totally dry and was overheating. Now it's back together and temps are better, how do I reinstall/clean install macOS? it was used with windows 7 and there doesn't seem to be a secondary partition with macOS. Is it...
  2. CosminGCole

    BenQ GW2765HT Colour Profiles macOS

    Hi, I just collected the BenQ GW2765HT and will use it for Ui Design so I need accurate colours. For now I dont have a calibration device since I'm just getting started but I was wondering if anyone knows the best settings for this monitor to give me an image close to real life. Thanks !
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