1. Bloodrayne

    Outdoor camera - long life, battery powered?

    Hi all, I want to see if there’s a suitable outdoor camera to catch whoever has been hanging dog poo bags in my tree at the end of the drive. It would be tricky to get power to the area, so something battery powered and motion based would be ideal - obviously discrete a preference too...
  2. KFG256

    An outdoors radiator??

    Having a think about moving to water cooling and wanted to pick the community's brains on an unusual idea: My PC is next to an external wall. Other side of the wall is a narrow-ish (c.40cm) gap between my wall and next door. The gap is my land and I have access, but it isn't particularly...
  3. eveyoz2

    goretex coats and fleeces- where to buy?

    Hi all, we left the uk 10 years ago and were coming back to visit soon. We are used to warmer climates and have very little in the way of warm and or waterproof clothing. Its been a while since we left so can anyone recommend where to shop for warm gear etc nowadays. we will be based in the...
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