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  1. Abandon Strings

    PC Case with at least 3x 5.25" external drive bays & 1x Vertical PCIe Slot

    Hi, I have 3 devices that occupy my 5.25" external bays and would need at least the same space in a new case. I would also need either a Vertical PCIe Slot on the back of the case or a Full Tower case with plenty of PCIe slots, particularly a few between the motherboard and the power supply. It...
  2. Media_Evil

    A Quiet Build

    So I decided to build a cool and quiet rig for gaming and UE5 + Some Modelling + Whatnot Requirements: quiet proper airflow water cooled easy to maintain 560mm radiator as tidy as possible as cool as possible as compact as possible a decent audio interface speedy front IO decent looks...
  3. Tom Parton


    Hi everyone! Today we are pleased to annouce the Launch of Singularity Computers fantastic range of products. From Watercooling parts, to amazing PC Cases with incredible modding potential and watercooling support. Singularity produce some amazing products and are well known for their...
  4. Zuhaib Khan

    Broken acrylic case panel

    Hi guys, so I've just bought a pre owned gaming pc yesterday and wanted to know, if the side panel of my pc can be replaced with a different company. I have a GameMax vegas white 7 pc case and the acrylic broke during shipping. I found a bitfenix comrade and neos windowed side panel, I was...
  5. Chronic Trickster

    Help With First PC Build Components

    Hi Guys, I have put in a lot of research on building PC's and what the best components for me would be. What I am not sure about is if all the components I have chosen would work with each other and if they would all fit in the case I have chosen. Just wondering if anyone that knows about...
  6. Guggsy

    Dark Base pro 900 Rev 2 Wireless charging

    Hello I am thinking of purchasing the Dark Base pro 900 Rev 2. I have noticed that the case has a option of wireless charging. Please can someone explain to me how this gets power. Does it connect to a compatible Motherboard, or does the PSU connect directly to the Wireless charging point. The...
  7. jemchalwe

    Kolink Observatory case mod

    Hi all. I would like to ask if anyone knows any project about modifying Kolink Observatory pc case. I am thinking about changing the front glass panel with mesh panel. As well I was considering to drill through rivets holding HDD cage to mount something better for HDD. Another HDD cage with...
  8. magician777

    PC Case, Vertical Graphics Card Mount

    Hi Guys, Corsair CC-9011059-WW 780T Case can I mount my MSI 1080 graphics card vertically ? thanx
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