pc gaming build

  1. eukzyl

    Is this a good build for warzone and streaming?

    https://uk.************.com/list/YQvPdD Graphics Card will be NVIDIA 3060 Ti
  2. Tom Parker

    Upgrading gaming pc advice!

    So been thinking about upgrading because I dont seem to get as much frames per second as I thought I would with my current layout so looking to upgrade, please see specs below, budget is proba 500 quid upgrade. Please advice how to get my frames up: ComponentsCase NZXT Phantom White 0 + Power...
  3. Laity

    New PC Gamer - Please Help!

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase my first gaming PC and would like some help please! Forgive me if anything below doesn’t quite make sense, I’m a noob. What I’ll be using it for: PC gaming VR (most likely Oculus Rift S) What I won’t be using it for: I won’t be editing/creating content I won’t...
  4. Jamie James

    Help on first PC Build (£1400) Any help much appreciated!

    So the title is misleading, I did own a pc build before however, it was a very old build from jackfrags about 4 years ago, I still did no research trusted the parts and threw it together, the cable management would probably give some of you guys nightmares. Heres the link to that pc build I had...
  5. RyanLovesJosh

    300 euro gaming pc without GPU

    Any recommendations on pieces to build a gaming pc (300-350 euro budget) enough to handle a 1060 6gb. If it could have 8 gb ram and 1T of storage. Thanks
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