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  1. 8KGamingParadise

    Horizon Forbidden West running in 8K on PC!!!!

    16 Minutes of Gameplay - Horizon Forbidden West running in 8K on PC!!!! https://youtu.be/okRU15pFhGM 8K Gaming is possible, let me know what you guy think about it!!!! My Rig: Dell UltraSharp UP321 8K Monitor NVidia Geforce RTX 4090 Founder's Edition Intel i9-13900K Asus Strix Z790-F Samsung...
  2. chris blackford

    just sold my Old PC Case need advise on packing it?

    just sold my Old PC Case need advise on packing it? it's a COSMOS C700M Full Tower PC Case - Cooler Master should i put any bobble rap doen sides or do any thing or will it be ok in box with original packaging it's just the case no parts in it
  3. mrk

    1980: Origins of PC gaming

    Saw this, not seen it all yet but so far very good and well currated outlook on the history of PC gaming :cool:
  4. Jodie Button

    Upgrade Ram on PC

    Hi. My partner has just bought an new gaming PC and we've realised that the RAM doesn't meet some of the requirements to play a lot of the games he wants to play. I have read up online about the RAM slots and the majority of the PC's I have seen have four slots while ours have 2. On the...
  5. Bufo20

    Low fps on 3070?

    Hi guys I'm playing games like gta V and getting low fps 50 - 70 and new world 30 - 70 l, does anyone have any advice the specs are: cpu: i5-9600k RAM: 16gn corsai vengeance 3200MHz (single) Hard rive: seagate firecuda 510 m.2 500GB PCI express 3.0 NVMe & seagate 1TB baracuda GPU geforce rtx...
  6. eukzyl

    Zotac Gaming rtx 3060

    I know a bit about pc's but not a great deal on the companies. Could someone let me know if Zotac Gaming's 3060 gpus are good for their price or should i go for something like Asus or MSI?
  7. eukzyl

    Is this a good build for warzone and streaming?

    https://uk.************.com/list/YQvPdD Graphics Card will be NVIDIA 3060 Ti
  8. soup23

    Need advice for upgrading pre-built desktop (HP OMEN 870-65na)

    Hello there. I’m kind of new into the world of PC upgrading and wondered if I could get any advice. I currently have an HP Omen 870-165na, which I have used for 4 or so years now. I would like to possibly upgrade it, without changing the case itself (want to likely get all pre-built parts...
  9. Sharkhouse

    recommendation for Games like Halo series

    Hey yall, I'm a bit of a patient gamer and don't know many modern games. I'm excited for Cyberpunk but otherwise am almost oblivious to games of the past century. I've played the heck out of the Halo series recently and love it. What games are there with similar campaigns new or old that I could...
  10. Tom Parker

    Upgrading gaming pc advice!

    So been thinking about upgrading because I dont seem to get as much frames per second as I thought I would with my current layout so looking to upgrade, please see specs below, budget is proba 500 quid upgrade. Please advice how to get my frames up: ComponentsCase NZXT Phantom White 0 + Power...
  11. terence117

    console gamer new to pc gaming

    hi guys like the title says I've been a console gamer all my life has a PC when i was in school played the odd game on it like age of empires and stuff like that but i recently in June decided to go the PC road and bought my self a pre-built PC and was just wondering when I go to upgrade it what...
  12. GinGo

    Hunter's Arena: Legends

    So, this game got released recently and i'm kinda loving it. Has anyone else tried this yet and if so what are your thoughts so far? I've honestly only played as 3 characters so far, but it's super fun. It's basically a Battle Royale/MOBA, choose a play on the map, go there, fight, level up...
  13. PJM

    Complete novice looking for headphone help

    Hi, first post so be kind . I'm looking for headphones that I can use on both PC and xbox. Would prefer wireless but I'm not stuck on that. Budget is less than £100. Any advice would be welcome as my head is bursting trying to make sense of the review sites. Thanks
  14. Laity

    New PC Gamer - Please Help!

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase my first gaming PC and would like some help please! Forgive me if anything below doesn’t quite make sense, I’m a noob. What I’ll be using it for: PC gaming VR (most likely Oculus Rift S) What I won’t be using it for: I won’t be editing/creating content I won’t...
  15. Manoj-Kumar1978

    Will my PC be able to run Sims 4 ?

    Hello folks, I recently joined overclockers forum and asked a similar question regarding Resident Evil 4. As it pans out, the game ran on my rig but barely. It doesn't boast enough gfx power to run it at a playable standard imo. However I would like to know whether my rig will be able to run...
  16. Jennie Wallace

    New to PC gaming - what is right PC for me?

    Hi I've been playing games on PS3 and PS4 games for a while, but I've wanted to play games on PC desktop for a while now, mainly as I want to be able to use mods. Very shallow, I know! Thing is, I know absolutely nothing about gaming PCs, I don't understand specs, it just looks a jumble of...
  17. Jamie James

    Help on first PC Build (£1400) Any help much appreciated!

    So the title is misleading, I did own a pc build before however, it was a very old build from jackfrags about 4 years ago, I still did no research trusted the parts and threw it together, the cable management would probably give some of you guys nightmares. Heres the link to that pc build I had...
  18. South_Coast_Gamer

    Looking for advice regarding PC gaming

    Hello! This is my first post so I hope I've posted this in the right place! I purchased a PC from you a few years ago now (it's still quite powerful) and I wish to play iracing on it. I own a racing wheel and pedal set and I know they link up to my PC just fine. I am trying to get my PC to link...
  19. Triorchin

    Upgrade or new PC? (6 year old PC) ~1-2k budget

    So, I built my current PC about 6 years ago (someone on here recommended this build, which I went with). Gigabyte ATi Radeon HD 7950 Windforce 3X 3072MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card with FREE FARCRY3, Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs & 20% off MOH Warfighter PC Games Intel Core i5-3570K...
  20. Tibalteh

    New Gaming PC - Advice would be appreciated !

    Hi there :) First of all, thanks to anyone affording to read, an even bigger thank to anyone trying to help, and sorry about my english, I'm not a native !... Here is a config' I am considering. Its main use would be for gaming 1080p, from not too demanding games such as Dota 2 (where...
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