1. Cadder

    Recommendation Required: Graphics Tablet For Sketching To PC

    Hi all, I had a quick search on the forums but didn't find too much useful or current information so I'll put it out there to see if any other members have a good setup they could recommend. I'm after a graphics tablet that links to the PC. I'd like it to be accurate, reliable and high...
  2. Super-Spy

    Which 2 in 1 Laptop ?

    I am looking at buying a laptop for my son who will use at University. Originally we were looking at a well built but stylish laptop like a Dell XPS or Lenovo X1. Having given it a bit of thought, we thought it would be useful to have a pen based device like a table which he can take to...
  3. lostone98

    Looking for a new drawing tablet

    Looking for a pen display drawing tablet of a price range of £300 - £600. I am a beginner and not very good at it yet, I like a pen display because I find one without a screen not comfortable to use. I like it future proof, would like a 4k but I seem to see my budget will need to be higher...
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