pin layout

  1. malccy

    Do I trust this Corsair Type 3/4 Pcie Cable?

    hi really hope someone can give me a clear answer on this one. Am using a second-hand Corsair 750w psu (TM) for almost a year now and all is good but wanted another pcie power cable as it only came with one and heard to use two cables from psu if gpu had two 8 pin connectors required. I have...
  2. marlies

    EVGA GQ series PSU pinout

    I bought two used EVGA GQ PSU that doesn't come with any modular cables, does any one know the pinout for this series? I have checked on OCN PSU pinout repository already (nothing), tried Googling, and EVGA website states the GQ series cannot use any of their custom cable sets. I do have minor...
  3. LewisN2


    ok guys so i need your opinion on something i bought a EK D5 pump second hand and the person who i bought it off re crimped the cable so it goes directly into the peripherals port on the PSU instead of via molex (pictured below) i have an...
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