1. kakarott

    Dead/Stuck Pixels

    Just got the gigabyte m27q and there seems to be about 4 dead pixels? They're different colours i.e. white, red and green. How do I know if they're dead or stuck? Is there a way to fix them?
  2. dafeth

    Retro TV effect in small portion of panel? MSI MAG27CQ

    Morning all! A very weird one I've never seen before.. Wondering if I'm a lone wolf with this or if it's a common thing. I bought a MSI OPTIX MAG27CQ at i63, delivered to desk - Since setting it up I've noticed the top-right area has a slight 'banding' on every other row of pixels. It's weird...
  3. Kasdoy

    Dead/Stuck Pixel Fix? [Acer Predator XB252Q]

    Got this monitor as a gift from a friend whom bought through overclockers. I however noticed today that there is a Dead/Stuck Pixel on the screen that's shown up. One single pixel. I tried those seizure inducing videos on youtube to no avail but i still see it. It shows black on every colour but...